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Ambazonia crisis in cameroon

ambazonia crisis in cameroonThe severe "Anglophone Crisis" in Cameroon is ongoing, despite by violence after separatists declared the independence of Ambazonia. Other incidents occurred in Cameroonian embassies in the UK and Canada, where secessionist militants swapped the flag of Cameroon with that of Ambazonia.

Peaceful protesters were shot and killed by security forces, ambazonia crisis in cameroon allegedly using attack helicoptersand hundreds of people were jailed.

Ambazonia crisis in cameroon

Amnesty estimates ordinary citizens have been killed in the past year, and members of the security forces have died since late Separatists have put pressure on parents to keep ambazonia crisis in cameroon children out of school as part of a boycott, and there have been reports of raids and arson attacks on schools.

Seven students and their headteacher were kidnapped on 3 September from the Presbyterian comprehensive secondary school in Bafut in Northwest Province.

Ambazonia crisis in cameroon

The teacher was allegedly tortured before the students were released. Tens of thousands of people have fled into ambazonia crisis in cameroon Nigeria, and hundreds of thousands are internally displaced.

More people have been leaving towns and villages in ambazonia crisis in cameroon anglophone regions recently, in the run-up to the election next month, amid growing concern of intensified attacks.

Ambazonia crisis in cameroon

Soldiers at multiple checkpoints on the ambazonia crisis in cameroon out of anglophone areas search the luggage of those fleeing, looking for weapons.

Paul Biya, who has can csgo gambling sites 2019 congratulate president of Cameroon for nearly 36 years, is continuing ambazonia crisis in cameroon spend much of his time in Ambazonia crisis in cameroon, despite the fact that he is about to contest a national election.

Despite the investment, the country is suffering economically as a result of ambazonia crisis in cameroon conflict ambazonia crisis in cameroon the anglophone regions.

Ambazonia crisis in cameroon

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