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Cbs business school

cbs business schoolGraduate programmes 路 Economics, Finance and Accounting 路 Marketing and Communication 路 Business Management 路 IT and Information in Organisations. The CBS International Business School (CBS) is one of the top private business schools in Germany. Start your Bachelor's, Master's or MBA studies in English.

Cbs business school

Today CBS has more than 20, students, 2, employees and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes within business, typically with an interdisciplinary and international focus.

CBS is ranked highly in an array of rankings.

Cbs business school

CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of the 8 Danish universities Academic Strengths CBS' academic strength is based on the way we combine cbs business school research fields within social sciences and cbs business school here with a view to illuminating societal challenges.

Our business university profile is cbs business school gives us our unique brand in society.

Cbs business school

In order to strengthen interdisciplinary research, CBS has established Business in Society platforms which gather researchers from different departments around cbs business school themes such as maritime business development, competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

The platforms aim to strengthen affiliations with the business community and public organisations as well as to create cbs business school and education at a high academic level.

Cbs business school

Read more about the platforms here. These activities help brand the cbs business school quality of CBS and are considered an integrated part of the general focus on academic breadth.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation CBS has a particular responsibility to promote entrepreneurship cbs business school innovation in companies and public organisations.

Cbs business school

Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are essential to the creation of a dynamic society and with that, increased welfare. Collaboration with public and private companies is thus a high priority at CBS 鈥 in the form of research projects contributing to the solution of current challenges.

With its roots in Northern Europe, CBS wishes to play a crucial role in cbs business school debate on innovative and cbs business school business models, organisation and financial structures, and responsible management and leadership.

Cbs business school

Research With the distinctiveness of its diversity, Copenhagen Business School aims to become a world-leading business university with research 鈥 and teaching 鈥 excellence in cbs business school cbs business school disciplines including finance cbs business school economics, accounting and operations management, marketing, strategic management and organisation and in disciplines that place business in a wider social, political and cultural context.

Identity CBS is an international business university. With the distinctiveness of its diversity, CBS combines elements from conventional business schools and the "full university" model 鈥 always maintaining a focus on our impact on the society and a commitment to cbs business school and research-based education.

Cbs business school

We play a major role in the discussion cbs business school innovative and entrepreneurial business models, sustainable organisational forms and economic practices within the perspective of responsible management cbs business school leadership.

We nurture an entrepreneurial spirit within CBS, encouraging to new ideas, open to individual initiative and flexible in the face of cbs business school opportunities.

Cbs business school

Mission CBS has a particular responsibility to bring cbs business school and new thinking to companies cbs business school organisations, to the next generation of business leaders, and to society as a whole. Our major contribution takes the form of research and research-based education.

Cbs business school

We have an obligation to educate both young and experienced people more info the business world and for society by providing them with a sound basis of knowledge and insights from the latest international research for the purpose of value creation and sustainable development.

Vision CBS aims to cbs business school a world-leading business university that recognises the vital role of business and the public sector in shaping society 鈥 and the equally important manner in which business practices and processes are shaped by society.

At cbs business school core of our future development will cbs business school the training of students capable of contributing with innovation and entrepreneurship to high level employment, and the cbs business school of research which is both academically excellent and contributes significantly to finding new answers to societal challenges.

Cbs business school

The precondition is an attractive, responsible cbs business school engaging workplace that involves employees and students and high just click for source standard in everything we cbs business school 鈥 and an organisation that has the capacity to integrate and co-create with the surrounding society.

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