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My two theories about conspiracy theories: (1) People do what their bosses or their biggest customers tell them to do (certain bosses unpopular with their employees excepted). (2) Nobody plays 4D chess. Nobody. All human brains are far more inherently limited than that. tovar-review.ru โ€บ why-nick-szabo-probably-isnt-satoshi.

Acknowledgements Money From the very start, England's 17th century colonies in America had a nick szabo wife โ€” a shortage of coins [D94] [T01] The British idea was to grow large amounts of tobacco, cut timber for the ships of their global navy and merchant marine, and so forth, sending in return the supplies they felt were needed to keep the Americans working.

In effect, early colonists were supposed to both work for the company and shop at the company store. The investors and the Crown much preferred this to paying in coin what the farmers might ask, letting the farmers themselves nick szabo wife the supplies โ€” and, heaven forbid, keep some of the profit as well.

The colonists' solution was at hand, but it took a few years for them to recognize it. The natives had money, but it nick szabo wife very different from the money Europeans were used to. American Indians had been using money for millenia, and quite useful nick szabo wife it turned out to be for nick szabo wife newly arrived Europeans โ€” 2019 onderwijs staking the prejudice among some that only metal with the faces of their political leaders stamped nick szabo wife it constituted real money.

Nick Szabo, Global Financial Assets, on bitcoin, blockchain and the benefits of smart contracts

learn more here Worse, nick szabo wife New England natives used neither silver nor gold.

Instead, they used the most appropriate money to be found in their environment โ€” durable skeleton parts of their prey. Specifically, they used wampum, shells of the clam venus mercenaria and its relatives, strung onto pendants.

Necklace of wampum. During trade the beads were counted, removed, and re-assembled on new necklaces.

Native American shell beads were also sometimes woven into belts or other btc forecast 2019 and ceremonial devices that demonstrated the wealth and commitment of a tribe to a treaty. Clams were found only at the ocean, please click for source wampum traded far inland.

Sea-shell money of a variety of types could be found nick szabo wife tribes across the American continent.

The Iriquois managed to collect the largest read nick szabo wife treasure of any tribe, without venturing anywhere near the clam's habitat. Wampum pendants came in a variety of lengths, with the number of beads proportional to the length.

Pendants could be cut or joined to form a pendant of length equal to the price paid. Once they got over their hangup about what constitutes real money, the colonists went wild trading for and with wampum.

Clams entered the American vernacular as another way to say "money". After a while the British authorities were forced to go along. So between andwampum became legal tender in New England. Colonists nick szabo wife had a liquid medium of exchange, and trade in the colonies flourished.

ByBritish authorities had thrown in the towel, and decided it would pay in nick szabo wife of the realm โ€” which being real gold and silver, and its minting audited and branded by the Crown, had even better monetary qualities than shells. In that year wampum ceased to be legal tender in New Nick szabo wife.

Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

In briefly became legal tender in North Carolina. It continued to be used as a medium of exchange, continue reading some cases into the 20th century โ€” but its value had been inflated one hundred fold by Western harvesting and manufacturing techniques, and it gradually went the route that gold and silver jewelry had gone in the West after the invention of coinage โ€” from well crafted money to decoration.

The American language of shell money became a quaint holdover โ€” nick szabo wife hundred clams" https://tovar-review.ru/2019/legit-bitcoin-generator-2019.html "a hundred nick szabo wife.

Collectibles Native American money took many forms besides shells.

Nick Szabo

Furs, teeth, and a variety of other objects with properties we will discuss below were also commonly used as media of exchange. The only problem โ€” they break far too easily. They were useless for cutting. The flints were being made "for the sheer enjoyment" โ€” or for some other purpose that had nothing to do with cutting.

Native Americans had not, however, been the first to make artful but nick szabo wife blades, nor had they invented shell money. Nor, nick szabo wife that matter, had Europeans, even though they, too, in read more past had widely used shells and teeth for money โ€” not to mention cattle, gold, silver, weapons, and much else.

Asians had used all that nick szabo wife faux axes issued by governments to boot, nick szabo wife they as well imported this institution. For archaeologists have found pendants of shells dating to the early Paleolithic that could nick szabo wife have substituted for Native American money.


Beads made from shells of the pea-sized nick szabo wife Nassarius kraussianus, that lived in a nearby estuary. Blombos Cave, South Africa, 75, B. Pierced animal teeth have been found in Spain also dating to this time. Recently regular shells, prepared as strung beads and dating further back still, to 75, BP, have been found in Blombos Cave in South Africa.

Courtesy Stanley 2019 nick szabo wife btc price Our modern subspecies had migrated to Europe and necklaces of shell and tooth appear there, from 40, B.

Shell and tooth pendants nick szabo wife in Australia from 30, B. In nick szabo wife cases, the work is highly skilled, indicating a practice that probably dates much further back in time.

Who is Nick Szabo, The Mysterious Blockchain Titan

The origin of collecting and decorating is quite likely Africa, the original homeland of the anatomically modern subspecies. Collecting and making necklaces must have had an important selection benefit, since it was costly โ€” manufacture of these shells took a great deal of both skill and time during an era when humans lived constantly on the brink of starvation [C94].

Practically all human cultures, even those that do not engage in substantial trade or that use more modern forms of money, make and enjoy jewelry, and value certain objects more for their artistic or heirloom qualities than for their utility. We humans collect necklaces of shells and other kinds of jewelry โ€” for the sheer enjoyment of it.

For the evolutionary psychologists an explanation that humans do something for "the sheer enjoyment of it" is not an explanation at all โ€” but the posing of a problem. Why do so many people find the collection and wearing of jewelry enjoyable? For the evolutionary psychologist, this question becomes โ€” what caused this pleasure to evolve?

Detail of necklace from a burial at Sungir, Russia, 28, BP. Interlocking and interchangeable beads. Each mammoth ivory bead may have required one to two hours of labor to manufacture. Using models of populations of co-evolving genes, from the well-developed area of population genetics, Smith posited genes that can code for strategies, good or bad, used in simple strategic problems the "games" of game theory.

Smith proved that these genes, competing to be propagated into future generations, will evolve strategies that are Nash equilibria to the strategic problems presented by the competition. Critical to Smith's theory is that these strategic games, while played out between phenotypes proximately, are in fact games between genes at the ultimate level โ€” the level of competition to be propagated.

The genes โ€” not necessarily the individuals โ€” influence behavior as if they were boundedly rational coding for strategies as optimal as possible, within the limits of what phenotypes can express given the biological raw materials and previous evolutionary history and "selfish" to use Richard Dawkins' metaphor.

Genetic influences on behavior are adaptations to continue reading social problems presented by genes competing through their nick szabo wife. Smith called these evolved Nash equilibria evolutionary stable strategies.

The "epicycles" built on top of the earlier individual selection theory, such as sexual selection and kin selection, disappear into this more general model which, in a Copernican manner, puts the genes rather than individuals at the center of the theory.

Thus Dawkins' metaphorical and often misunderstood phrase, "selfish gene", to describe Smith's theory. Few other species cooperate on the order nick szabo wife even Paleolithic humans. In some cases โ€” brood care, the colonies of ants, termites, and bees, and so forth, animals cooperate because they are kin โ€” because they can help copies of their "selfish genes" found in their kin.

In some highly constrained cases, there is also ongoing cooperation between non-kin, which evolutionary psychologists call reciprocal altruism.

As Nick szabo wife describes it [D89]unless an exchange nick szabo wife favors is simultaneous and sometimes even thenone party or the other can cheat. And they usually do. This is the typical result of a game theorists call the Prisoner's Dilemma โ€” if both parties cooperated, both would be better off, but if one cheats, he gains at the expense of the sucker.

In a population of cheaters and suckers, the cheaters always win. However, sometimes animals come to cooperate through repeated interactions and a strategy called Tit-for-Tat: start cooperating and keep cooperating until the other party cheats โ€” then defect yourself.

Nick szabo wife threat of retaliation motivates continued cooperation. The situations where such cooperation in fact occurs in the animal world are highly constrained.

The main constraint is that such cooperation is restricted to relationships where at least one of the participants is more or less forced to be in the proximity of the other. The most common case is when parasites, and hosts whose bodies they share, evolve into symbiotes.

If the interests of the parasite and the host coincide, so that both working together would be more fit than either on their own, i. They become as a single organism. However, there is much more than cooperation going on here โ€” there is nick szabo wife exploitation.

They nick szabo wife simultaneously. The situation is analogous to an institution humans would develop โ€” tribute โ€” which we will analyze below.

Some very special instances nick szabo wife that do not involve parasite and host sharing the same nick szabo wife and evolving into symbiotes. Rather, they involve non-kin animals and highly constrained territory.

A prominent this web page Dawkins describes are cleaner fish. These fish swim in and out of the mouths of https://tovar-review.ru/2019/alexander-vinnik-france.html hosts, eating the bacteria there, benefiting the host fish.

The host fish could cheat โ€” it could wait for the cleaner to finish its job, then eat it.

Nick Szabo

But they don't. Since learn more here are both mobile, they are both potentially free to leave the relationship. However, the cleaner fish have evolved a very strong sense of individual territoriality, and have nick szabo wife nick szabo wife dances that are difficult to spoof โ€” much like a difficult to forge brand logo.

So the host fish know where to go to get cleaned โ€” and they know that if they cheat, they will have to start over again with a new distrustful cleaner fish.

The entrance costs, and thus the exit costs, of the relationship are high, so that it works out without cheating. Besides, the cleaner fish are tiny, so the benefit of eating them is not large compared nick szabo wife the benefit of a small number of, or even one, cleaning.

One of the most pertinent examples. As their name suggests, they suck the blood of prey mammals. The interesting thing is click, on a good night, they bring back a surplus; on a bad night, nothing.

Smart Contracts

Their dark business is highly unpredictable. As a result, the lucky or skilled bats often share blood with the less lucky or nick szabo wife bats in their cave.

They vomit up the nick szabo wife and the grateful recipient eats it. The nick szabo wife majority of these recipients are kin. Out of such regurgitations witnessed by the strong-stomached biologist G. Wilkinson, 77 were cases of mothers feeding their children, and most of the other cases also involved genetic kin.

There were, however, a small number that could not be explained by kin altruism.

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