- 15.02.2020

Unity particle github

A collection of custom shaders for Unity particle system (Shuriken). unity effects unity3d sfx particlesystem. Updated on Jan 4, ; C#. A really simple Unity3D/DirectX 11 particle system using compute shaders to handle millions of particles. - antoinefournier/XParticle.

Github For Unity Tutorial

This project consists of several scenes in which I have been learning about using shaders, particle systems and how to program custom graphics. Scenes unity particle github this projects are made by following various tutorials from internet unity particle github by changing them to get better understanding how they actually work.

This project consist of 6 parts: 1. UI and camera shaders UI shaders. Shaders are changing borders of UI image and making "spooky" effect on UI text.


Third shader is shifting camera view with sine unity particle github. Also, this was my first contact with creating shaders.

Ripple effect Source unity particle github. With changing different parameters we can adjust size and look of the creating https://tovar-review.ru/2020/upcoming-crypto-hard-forks-2020.html.


Hologram effect Hologram scene. Combining vertices with different operations we can easly get interesting results.

Night vision scene 4 night vision. Whole idea is to unity particle github image depth and then dim out objects that are too far.

Unity particle github get more realistic results, green color is added together with mask. Also Unity's Standard Asset unity particle github added to get low light noise effect.

Snow simulation Snow scene.


Main goal of this scene is unity particle github make changes on material when some object touches it and to make depths in it. These depth are calculated in real time and can be seen depending on how deep some object has went through snow. Also snow falling simulator is added to unity particle github depths over time.

Fire effect particle system.

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