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Xml meaning in english

xml meaning in english可擴展標記語言(extensible mark up language的縮寫) See more. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for Several schema systems exist to aid in the definition of XML-based the software from the University of Waterloo New Oxford English Dictionary Project;.

P5: Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange

Edit profile Contact us Such English-language words and phrases are what vBulletin can translate into other languages, such as Dutch.

The settings element does not, however, drive any actual translation.

Xml meaning in english

All of that power resides in the phrasetype elements and their phrase children. Each phrasetype element identifies xml meaning in english general component of the user interface; the phrase elements xml meaning in english specifically, their name attributes -- identify specific English-language phrases to be translated as indicated by the corresponding "translated values.

If this text content were, for instance, the string "ABCD", then the phrase "Attach Files" would be replaced with the string "ABCD" wherever it appears in the vBulletin xml meaning in english in the context of posting a message.

All of which sounds rather straightforward. So what's the big deal about translating the user interface via vBulletin's built-in feature set?

Xml meaning in english

Xml meaning in english big deal is in the number of phrases, the sheer breadth of text to be translated. There aren't that many language packs available so far. That said, I did find an English-to-Dutch effort already underway, begun in October, ; in May,they released version 1.

And that, almost certainly, will be the questioner's best bet. The Pure-XML Option I can think of a few cases where the above solution won't help there may be others, of course : Your xml meaning in english of vBulletin doesn't support the language-pack feature.

XML Tutorial for Beginners - What is XML - Learn XML

Your version of vBulletin supports https://tovar-review.ru/2020/new-bounty-killer-2020.html meaning in english https://tovar-review.ru/2020/why-is-bitcoin-dropping-today-september-2020.html feature, but you don't want to or can't use it.

What you want to translate isn't the user-interface text, but the actual forum message content -- messages and replies.

Xml meaning in english

Note: For information on English-to-Dutch translation in vBulletin versions earlier than 3. The messages on the thread are themselves in Dutch, which I can't read, but the thread was pointed out to someone else who asked a similar question in November, In any read article these cases, your task is exponentially more complex.

Translation of "configuration xml" in Chinese

In theory, it's possible to do xml meaning in english word-for-word translation from xml meaning in english language to another; here practice, it's almost impossible: how do you handle things like irregular English verbs and other non-standard word forms?

If you're translating forum xml meaning in english, how will you deal with misspellings?

Xml meaning in english

Do you need to consider "translating" in-word punctuation, such as hyphens and apostrophes, to full words in the target language? And so on.

Xml meaning in english

The better approach -- the only one rooted in sanity -- is to do what vBulletin itself does: translate entire phrases. You might undertake xml meaning in english do so with an enormous XSLT stylesheet, which matches read article possible phrases with their translations.

Xml meaning in english

This is somewhat simpler if you're "just" translating user-interface text: the number of phrases may be quite large, but at xml meaning in english it's finite. Or you might instead xml meaning in english existing work in translating an XML document from one language to another.

Note, for example, the correspondence between XLIFF's source and target elements and the phrase element's name attribute and its text content in xml meaning in english. Also read and heed what Zydron says about "fuzzy" translation.

In any case, if you can't use vBulletin's built-in translation feature, don't expect that someone will already have a solution prepared for you.

Creation of dictionary entries from GCIDE_XML files

Ready yourself for many months of work! In that time, the number of XML-relevant newsgroups, web sites, and other resources has xml meaning in english. No longer, as a rule, do newcomers to XML want to understand the basics of the standards; they've already got their answers online, or from any of a hundred books.

The upshot is that a Q-and-A column has what might be at best only limited continued xml meaning in english. Next month I'll be moving, like a hermit crab whose xml meaning in english quarters are starting to feel a bit tight, to the xml meaning xml meaning in english english of a new column xml meaning in english on XML applications.

Xml meaning in english

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