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Crypto exchange corporate account

crypto exchange corporate accountCorporate account and professional trading. Bitfinex has a bespoke offering expertly tailored to meet the specific needs of professional and institutional traders. Navigate to Step 1: Verify your account for Crypto. Alternatively, you may select '​Get Verified' by navigating to your name in the upper-right corner of the page.

Alexander Legoshin Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Co-Founder Alexander has over 10 years experience in strategic marketing and a history of successful investments.

Crypto exchange corporate account

In he turned his crypto crypto exchange corporate account corporate account to the new and growing cryptocurrency market. Over the next few years, Alexander became a partner in several successful crypto exchange corporate account in various sectors.

Crypto exchange corporate account

At Saifu, he is responsible for strategic development, regulator relations and https://tovar-review.ru/account/open-bitcoin-account-free.html business development.

Vladimir Derevyagin Board Member Vladimir has crypto exchange corporate account strong background in banking and law. He has held crypto exchange corporate account positions at banks since joining the sector in At Saifu, Vladimir is responsible for institutional partnerships and relationships.

Crypto exchange corporate account

Ugis Latsons Managing Director Ugis started his career in the banking industry back in crypto exchange corporate account Latvia. Victoria Kolosova Head of Legal Victoria has a strong background in the banking and finance industry. After moving to the Latvian Expobank inshe held various positions in the client services, business development and crypto exchange corporate account.

Crypto exchange corporate account

Her latest job was in business consultancy for a payment facilitator crypto exchange corporate account crypto exchange corporate account Czech Republic. In Saifu, Victoria is supervising customers service operations. He worked for a number of non-profit organizations, in the Chamber of Deputies or in the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

He has master in Security Studies and currently is expanding his knowledge in law.

Crypto exchange corporate account

He is interested in IT since he was 14 crypto crypto exchange corporate account corporate account old. Nikolay Essence Art Director Nikolay has extensive design crypto exchange corporate account and has been running a successful marketing agency in Prague since He has worked with numerous brands including: Kolkovna group a.

Her main role is crypto exchange corporate account client support development.

Crypto exchange corporate account

Nikol studied tourism and marketing in Switzerland. Her major specialization is communication with people crypto exchange corporate account different languages, which she developed in Zurich. Denis Crypto exchange corporate account Project manager Denis has vast experience in the banking and financial sector, with previous positions running private IT projects and Russian brokerage companies, as well as at Alfa-bank, in the sales department.

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His areas of expertise include, consulting on corporate and cryptocurrencies projects, IT, and web and social media marketing. Maxim Prishchepo Blockchain developer Maxim has extensive experience in the field crypto exchange corporate account software development, with a strong background in blockchain technology.

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He founded his first company in and has been working in IT for over 15 years in the IT sphere, see more a core focus on satisfying market demands.

He has worked in blockchain development, prepared many smart contracts, and has developed cryptocurrency wallets and whitepapers.

Anatoliy has also held positions as a blockchain crypto exchange corporate account and consultant.

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Having worked as a financial and credit analyst, and as a manager, Dmitry has helped build the treasury department since joining the company in July Lola Khater Marketing manager Lola has strong background in equity markets.

She has worked for financial institutions in New York and Moscow.

Crypto exchange corporate account

With previous experience on the communications team for another ICO, Lola helps manage marketing efforts at Saifu. Try Saifu.

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